The UltraCam digital camera is a large-format, digital photogrammetric camera giving image size 1,1750 x 7,500 pixels, resulting in image dimensions comparable to an analogue image size of 23cm x 15cm. As a result of large image size the flight plan is similar to an analogue camera flight; this is a flight-economical advantage compared to small-format digital cameras. Electronic FMC (Forward Motion Compensation) enables recording of very high-resolution imagery at great flying speed. The forward overlap can be set at virtually any percentage because the data transfer rate is high; the time interval between two recordings is up to 0.75 seconds. The storage capacity in the aircraft is around 2,700 images (more than 1.5 TB). Film development and scanning are redundant, resulting in several advantages including:

  • Immediate processing of data after return from flight, substantially shortening total workflow time.
  • Absence of grain, noise and dust particles in the imagery, resulting in better quality; the images look clean and bright.

Panchromatic, red, green, blue and near-infrared channels are recorded simultaneously so that a single mission suffices to produce a wide range of products for different applications, for example colour infrared for environmental inventories and true colour for real-estate mapping.  The 12-bit dynamic range for every channel enables much more information to be derived from shadowed areas as compared to 8-bit scanned imagery. The camera can be used under relatively low light conditions, resulting in wider data acquisition time-windows over a day or season.

Cadia NSW


Hyper 2 Imagery  – Vexcel UltraCam D

  • Large format digital mapping camera
  • High Spatial resolutions from 2.5cm to 50cm
  • Cost effective imagery collection with large format frames
Hyper 2 Imagery Products
  • FastLook Ortho-Photography
  • Enhanced Orthophoto Mosaics
  • Digital Surface / Terrain Models (DSM/DTM)


Technical Specifications

Image Product Specification

  • Image format Analogous to an aerial film image at a format of 23 cm x 15 cm
  • Image data formats JPEG; TIFF with options for 8 and 16 bits, scan-line, stripped or tiled
  • Image format (Level 2) Full resolution panchromatic, separate color channels at color resolution
  • Image format (Level 3) Full resolution (fused) R, G, B, Near-IR channels, planar or pixel-interleaved

Digital Camera Sensor Unit (SU)

  • Panchromatic image size 11500 * 7500 pixels
  • Panchromatic physical pixel (detector) size 9 μm
  • Physical format of the focal plane 103.5 mm * 67.5 mm
  • Panchromatic lens focal distance 100 mm
  • Lens aperture f= 1/5.6
  • Field-of-view, cross-track (along-track) 55° (37°)
  • Color (multi-spectral capability) 4 channels — RGB & NIR
  • Color image size (Level 2) 3680 * 2400 pixels
  • Color physical pixel (detector) size 9 μm
  • Color lens focal distance 28 mm
  • Color lens aperture f = 1/4.0
  • Color field of view, cross-track (along-track) 61° (42°)