HyVista signs contract with Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN)

HyVista has won a contract to process airborne hyperspectral survey data and produce geological and mineral maps for the Namibian Geological Survey (GSN). The survey data was collected by HyVista using an advanced remote sensing instrument developed in Australia, the HyMap hyperspectral sensor.

The company will process over 25,000km2 of HyMap data acquired from 2004 and deliver advanced mineral maps to the client.

HyVista has also undertaken aerial surveys in Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria and Madagascar.

(Above from left to right: Dr Mike Hussey – Principal Geologist, HyVista, Mr Greg Hull – Austrade, Mr Isak Katali – Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia, Ms Ann Harrup – Australian High Commissioner in South Africa, Mr Ivor Kahimise – Senior Geophysicist, GSN)

Austrade press release;