HyMap Viewer Software

HyVista Corp. re-invests a significant proportion of its revenues into software development. Such software is used in-house to undertake data pre-processing, quality assurance and to produce maps of surface materials identified from their unique spectra.

HyVista Corp specializes in large area surveys that can comprise of many individual image strips and has developed a suite of software tools to produce both seamless base map images and seamless maps of minerals, soils, vegetation types and water properties. In order to view the spectra within such large image data volumes, HyVista Corp has developed the program HyMapViewer for its internal use. The functionality found in HyMapViewer is currently not available in any commercial software used for hyperspectral analysis.

As from October 2007, HyVista Corp. will supply a copy of HyMapViewer to every customer who receives survey imagery and products. No longer will customers need to purchase additional third party software to investigate the spectral content of the Hymap hyperspectral images.