HyVista Corporation Pty Ltd was founded in 1999 and is a privately owned Australian company with headquaters in Sydney, Australia.

The company specializes in the supply of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data and information products for a wide range of applications covering earth resource mapping, environmental monitoring, agriculture, urban mapping and many research development projects such as simulating future hyperspectral satellites, defense surveillance, soil degredation and species habitat mapping.

HyVista Corporation’s mission is to bring an end to end service to customers requiring airborne hyperspectral surveys and to conduct such surveys on a worldwide basis.

To date the company has provided survey services in every continent around the world including more than 30 countries from Austria to Zimbabwe.

Hyperspectral remote sensing is a relatively new, but extremely powerful technology. The current high level of commercial interest in the remote sensing technique is a result in no small part to the activities of HyVista Corporation which has, for the first time, made high quality hyperspectral data and information products widely available on a commercial basis.

HyVista Corporation’s clients enjoy the best service and data quality commercially available. This world class level of product begins with the the world’s highest performance hyperspectral sensor, a HyMap™ airborne hyperspectral scanner. HyMap™ is a 126 band sensor which provides a combination of spatial resolution, spectral coverage, signal to noise ratio and image quality that is the best on the market.

HyVista Corporation is committed to an on-going development program aimed at providing an ever improving service to its customers.